Aharon Simone

Aharon Simone is so humbled to have the opportunity to work with Yonder Contemporary Dance Company. She has had many opportunities to collaborate with dance and each time it’s been an experience she will never forget. It has always been a dream of hers to create beautiful art around the world. Aharon likes to use her unique style of design, her knowledge of lines involving the body, music with a high frequency, and striking colors of warms and cools to push art to the next level. Aharon is passionate about design and all that it embodies. Anytime she designs anything, whether it be for dance, a play, a musical, or a really dope fashion show, she wants to show the world that it’s really about love and that she puts her all into it. Aharon is currently completing her final semester of graduate school at the University of Alabama and she plans to relocate soon after graduation to make a stamp in design around the world. Aharon wants to encourage every creator to look within and realize that you already have everything you need in life to get you to that next level. She sends love and respect to her queens: mommy and nana. Stay Kool & Roll Tide!